floral Cupcakes

This course is designed to complement the floral cake class so all florals learnt here can also be applied on full cakes.

Curriculum is updated frequently so do drop me a message to get the latest information!


The Floral Cupcake Course   


Using Glossy Buttercream, we'll create florals using direct and nail transfer technique on regular cupcakes!

Suitable for beginners, but i will highly recommend going for the Cake Starter Class as a good first class!

You'll learn

- Korean Glossy Buttercream making using french butter

- Colour toning techniques for realistic looking florals

- 5 floral varieties 

You'll get

- Prebaked Cupcakes 

- Recipe Pack

- Piping tips 

- For first time students, Flower Nail, Transfer Scissors, Nail Holder

- Full Guidance throughout

-Take home approx 12 regular cupcakes

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Floral Cakes?