Learning florals 

Suitable for beginners, the 1 on 1 floral cake course is our most popular class! I believe in focussing on the technique of piping and nail spinning because that forms the basics of many florals you can pick up on your own. 


Read on to find out what each class aims to offer! Each course is kept to a maximum of 4hrs just so we can all keep sane! All students will walk away with their very own decorated cake or cupcakes. 


floral Cakes

Learn how to pipe and arrange florals on a cake using Glossy Korean Buttercream! 

floral Cupcakes

Learn how to pipe florals on regular cupcakes using different techniques!

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* Due to the nature of the course venue, I regretably can only take in female students for 1-1 classes.

Group classes can be co-ed.

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